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Vukoszávlyev Zorán – Baku Eszter – Urbán Erzsébet: Modern church architecture in Hungary – Research plan on re-examination of changing tendencies of the 20th-century church architecture of the Roman Catholic Church

Scientific research of the sacral architectural heritage became accentuated in the international discourse of the last decades, and its significance is more important in the correspondence of the architectural system of the post-socialist countries. Historical analysis modulates the account of these buildings not only in a national relation, but also in a comparison with the international processions. The research examines the church architecture with interdisciplinary approach, and its aim is giving a synthesizing assess in an international context. It is emphasizes the necessity of the comparison of the parallel architectural processes with a broader international spread of the results – referring to special national characteristics –, and it could also give new aspects to the current researches in the international scientific medium. Appearance, spread and tendency changings of the modern style by the architecture of the Roman Catholic Church in the 20th century, which is considered as its most valuable period, is worthy of analysing not only in an international context (comparing to the parallel Italian and German processes during the mid-war period, or just referring on the Belgian and Scandinavian relations in the 1960-70s), but also in a national church architectural correlation. Effects of the modern church architecture appear by the Protestant Churches as well. Several architectural solutions could be demonstrably drawn a parallel with the form experiments appearing in the Catholic church architecture – mainly it holds true in respect of 1920-45, but in a fewer number it appears in the architecture of the 1970s with the renewing structural constructing and aesthetic changes. Elaboration of these questions of the topic can support further scientific explorations, which examine the processes of the national architecture of the 1960-70s.

Keywords: modernism · Hungarian · sacred · church architecture · national movement

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