Harmadévente megjelenő építészeti folyóirat – HU ISSN 1588-0109

János Krähling – Balázs Halmos – Katalin Marótzy – István Sajtos – Zorán Vukoszávlyev – Eszter Baku – Anna Józsa – Zsuzsanna Kiss – Krisztina Fehér – Gergő Kovács: Architectural drawing and education – Principles to the evaluation of the historic plan collection at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Department of History of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of BUTE owns a remarkable plan collection that has been established in the period from about the 1860’s to the present. Plans created in university education are of special importance – they give a general idea of architecture as a creative activity along with its complex background of art and science. Education of architects initially emphasized the copying and surveying of buildings which gradually developed through specialised design tasks to the creation of new values. The main focus of the research is to follow and evaluate this change of approach, by extending the scope of the investigations beyond the department’s collections. By charting and analysing the remained stock of historical drawings, sample books and photos in the period from the mid 19th till the mid 20th century, as well as assessing former publications and databases, this project hopes to give an overview of the role and importance of drawings in the history of architectural education. This paper aims at establishing and highlighting the main criteria and principles for the assessment of the plan material, defining also the methodology for its processing

Keywords: architectural drawing, architecture education, architectural design, architectural survey, building archaeology

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